Letter from Wade Johnson, CEO

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Letter from Wade Johnson, CEO

Date: 08/29/17

I’d like to thank you for such a warm welcome as my family settles into Helena. We are very excited to be here and become active in the community. 

As I begin my leadership at St. Peter’s, I see many opportunities for us as an organization. A few things won’t change—we will continue to focus on providing safe, high quality care and being good stewards of the community’s resources and health care dollars. You may not know that St. Peter’s has among the lowest charges in the state. Although health care costs in general continue to rise, we will work hard to continue providing you with excellent care that is as affordable as possible. 

One of the first opportunities I became involved with is finalizing a contract for our nurses. I’m so happy to see our community supporting nurses … we support them as well! St. Peter’s is incredibly proud of our nursing staff and the loving ways they care for our patients. I’m also pleased to learn that St. Peter’s has among the lowest nursing vacancy rates in Montana and very low nursing turnover—less than half of the national average! This means we’re doing a better job than most hospitals in Montana of recruiting and retaining great nurses.

Like many of you, we believe our nurses should be paid fairly and consistently with their peers. This has long been our commitment to all 1,400 St. Peter’s employees, and we’re working diligently to construct a solution that reflects our shared philosophy. Our hospital nurses make up just 20% of our workforce, but their experience should be no different than that of their teammates across the organization. We want all of our employees to feel valued and empowered. It takes an entire team of professionals—nurses, technicians, housekeepers, physicians, therapists and countless others—to provide health care to the 97,000 people we serve. Great care requires collaboration and pride in the work we do.

Some things will need to change. We have big challenges ahead of us in health care, but we’ll be successful if we work together. St. Peter’s is your hospital. We recognize that your needs are evolving, and we’re committed to improving access, decreasing costs and raising the bar so we can grow with you. 

Wade Johnson, FACHE

CEO, St. Peter’s Hospital

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