Cinch Lee Neal

Born to: 
Kristina and Bruce Neal
20 inches
Birth Date: 
Apr 10, 2012
8 lbs 7 oz
Parent Comments: 
Welcome to the world our little gift from God,Cinch Lee Neal. We love you!

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Cinch, you're so cute! I'm happy you're here today. You make me smile. Your nickname is going to be rare. All because you are so cute. I'll always help you when you are in a bad situation. I love you a lot. You're very lucky you have some awesome big brothers and a great family. You also are going to grow big and strong like you're dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kip :)

Welcome to the family my cute little nephew!!!! I love you soooooo much and can't wait to spend time with you:) you are very lucky cause you have some awsome parents and very cool big brothers!!!
Love you lots ♥ Aunt B

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