The mission of the St. Peter's Hospital Foundation:
Providing care that wouldn't otherwise be there.

Our History

St. Peter's Hospital Foundation was established in 1978 to encourage and manage philanthropic contributions to St. Peter's Hospital, the only hospital in the Helena region. Founded in 1883, the facility is a community-owned, non-profit hospital that cares for every single person who comes through the doors, regardless of insurance or personal finances.

Gifts received by the Foundation are used primarily in three ways. First donations subsidize specific services that many people would not be able to afford without the Foundation's help, including Hospice, Lifeline, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab and others.

The second way is to provide direct financial assistance to patients and families in medical crisis. Sometimes these are small amounts, such as $100 for a walker and commode for an elderly patient living alone. In other cases, the expenses are greater, such as airfare for a patient to accompany a child needing a liver transplant in Seattle.

The third way gifts are used is to purchase medical equipment or to improve and expand treatment facilities at St. Peter's Hospital. In addition to special projects, the Foundation purchases a variety of necessary equipment for the hospital and also provides funds for staff training and new programs.

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