Charges for St. Peter’s Medical Group Clinics

Effective June 1, 2016

Additional charges may apply. Most insurance accepted. Contact your insurance company to verify coverage. Prices below also include Urgent Care visits.

Charges for New Patients: 
Office visit level 1$100.00
Office visit level 2$155.60
Office visit level 3$210.00
Office visit level 4$300.00
Office visit level 5$390.00
Preventive Visits for New Patients: 
Ages 1-4 years$193.10
Ages 5-11 years$193.10
Ages 12-17 years$204.50
Ages 18-39 years$195.80
Ages 40-64 years$238.70
Ages 65 and older$260.15
Charges for Established Patients: 
Office visit level 1$100.00
Office visit level 2
Office visit level 3
Office visit level 4
Office visit level 5
Preventive Visits for Established Patients: 
Ages 1-4 years$153.35
Ages 5-11 years$159.50
Ages 12-17 years$165.75
Ages 18-39 years$171.95
Ages 40-64 years$193.40
Ages 65 and older$214.50
Other Physician Fees: 
Colonoscopy with biopsy$604.00
Colonoscopy with lesion removal$1269.10
Obstetrics Global Care$3,981.45
Vaginal Delivery Only$2,025.20
Cesarean Delivery Only$2,390.95
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