2017 - 2019 Strategic Priorities

In 2016, St. Peter’s Board of Directors initiated an extensive discovery process to identify and address key issues facing the organization, from turnover in senior leadership to a loss of physicians serving the Helena community. Over the course of several months, the following activities were undertaken:
  • A root cause analysis identifying underlying issues behind the organization’s biggest challenges; 
  • Large-scale surveys of the community, physicians, and employees; 
  • Site visits of other Montana and regional hospitals and health care systems; 
  • Research of industry best practices with regards to organizational structure, governance, and management.
The discovery process culminated in the creation of the following eight strategic initiatives as the foundation of St. Peter’s 2017-2019 Strategic Plan: 
  1. Approve a corporate, governance, and management restructuring of St. Peter’s to align with its current and future operating model as an integrated health system;
  2. Improve patient access across all St. Peter’s clinical operations to meet current and future community needs; 
  3. Commit to a culture of excellence and continuous quality improvement; 
  4. Analyze Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software and licensing options and make a recommendation of an EMR;
  5. Develop and implement a new strategic communications plan for St. Peter’s;
  6. Develop a corporate brand that aligns with St. Peter’s operating as an integrated health system;
  7. Define, prioritize, and invest in strategic capital projects and programs; and
  8. Significantly grow the level of annual philanthropic support for St. Peter’s Foundation.
So that you may better understand the context for these initiatives, we’ve posted the presentation from the public forum to our website.
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