Caring is our Calling.


The St. Peter’s family is full of unsung heroes who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Nobody knows that better than our patients.


I was in the hospital for eight days and Lara Lovelace, RN was very attentive to all of my needs. She was there with compassion, laughter and professionalism my entire stay. She made me laugh when she said, “The good news is we won’t tell you what the back of your hair looks like!” Then she washed my hair and combed it and helped me feel human. Laughter is the best medicine and she brought it every day! God bless you Lara!

Anne Crisp, Helena



From the first phone call, to the week of treatment, Megan Duncan, RN-C exhibited genuine care and concern, as well as great knowledge, expertise and professionalism. It is wonderful to have care provided that creates confidence in the care you are receiving because she is so good at her job.

Monica McSpadden, Helena



I don’t believe Carmen Plemon, CNA passed my room a single time without looking in on me and making sure I had everything I needed. I did not want for a single thing during my stay. I have had a lot of surgeries (unfortunately) and this was my best hospital stay ever – EASILY!

Dan Murphy, Butte




All of the St. Peter’s staff is phenomenal. Serena Martinell, RN  was very patient for her 12+ hour shift. My daughter, Amber, has several medicine and food allergies. When Amber was finally allowed to eat more than just liquids, Serena stayed late to get Amber some gluten free vegetable soup. She really went above and beyond to make Amber’s after surgery care comfortable and relaxing.

Diane Graf, Choteau

Our family, privileged to take care of yours. 

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