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10/12/11 Free Massage Offered with Mammograms on October 28
As part of October’s breast cancer awareness activities, St. Peter’s Hospital is offering free massages with first-time mammograms on Friday, Oct. 28.  The day is dedicated to those who have never had a screening or baseline mammogram.Pre-registration is required by calling 447-2912.  Appointments are available between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Be sure to ask for the Mammogram and Massage
05/17/11 Eating Healthy on a Budget
Many of us have ambitions to improve our lives by setting goals for ourselves such as to to eat healthier or to save more money. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to take care of two things at once? It is a myth that eating healthy costs more money. If you take a little time to do some comparisons, you will find that you can save money while cutting out salt, fat, and sugar. Check out the following
04/19/11 You Have a Food Allergy—Now What?
You Have a Food Allergy—Now What?You just received the news that you are allergic to wheat. What does that mean?What can you eat and what happens if you do eat a food to which you are allergic?There are eight foods that cause 90% of food allergies. They are milkeggspeanutssoywheattree nuts (almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, etc.)fish shellfishWhat is a Food Allergy?A food allergy occurs when the
04/11/11 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Really Fresh Produce
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Really Fresh ProduceIf you don't have a green thumb and a garden with rows of healthy vegetables growing, don't  despair. It is the season to head to the farmer's market for great fresh and locally grown produce.With Montana’s relatively short growing season, it makes those locally grown vegetables or berries even more delicious at this time of the year.
04/10/11 Be Safe in the Outdoors This Summer
Be Safe in the Outdoors This SummerMake the most out Montana’s great outdoors this summer by making every effort to stay safe.Following are several steps everyone can take to ensure healthy recreational outings.Remember to take essentials with you on any outdoor excursion, includingan extra layer of clothing waterproof jacket or shell plenty of water or a filter to disinfect stream
03/19/11 Sun Aware
Sun AwareSkin cancer affects over a million Americans every year. Someone in our country dies of skin cancer every hour. It is critical that we teach young children and teens that there is no such thing as a safe tan. One terrible sunburn to a child under 18 can double their risk of skin cancer. The FDA lists ultraviolet radiation as a known carcinogen—something that causes cancer.To help
02/17/11 More Healthy Eating Matters
More Healthy Eating Matters—Fruits and VegetablesDid you start 2008 with a resolution to lose weight or start an exercise program?  Has that ambition waned? Consider altering your resolution to improve your diet by including more fruit and vegetable servings as more matters.The new food guide pyramid recommends fruits and vegetables in cups instead of servings. A 25-year old woman who gets
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