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Patient Palm Scanner

Date: 11/28/12

St. Peter’s Hospital is now using a cutting-edge biometric identification system for more secure patient identification. The PatientSecure system, used by approximately 200 hospitals across the nation, works by scanning the vein pattern of a patient’s palm. It quickly and accurately links to the patient’s electronic health record at check-in and registration, providing a single platform from which physicians, staff and patients can access and manage medical information. 

PatientSecure eliminates the need for patients to provide identification, such as a driver’s license or Social Security number, every time they have an appointment at the hospital or St. Peter’s Medical Group. The patient simply places his or her hand on a small black box and their unique identifying palm portrait automatically accesses their individual medical record.

The scan uses harmless near-infrared light, which is essentially the same as the light of a TV remote control. The advanced algorithm processes a patient’s vein pattern to create an encrypted and protected digital file. Vein pattern in a palm is unique to each person and does not change over the course of one’s lifetime.

 To enroll, a patient must show proper proof of identity at registration, and is then given two scans that typically take less than a few seconds. Once enrolled, the patient’s record can be accessed instantly at their future visits. There is no cost to patients to participate and PatientSecure is not required to receive medical services or for a physician to access medical records.

For more information, call Patient Access Director Kolene Gardner at 447-2446

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