Phone:  457-4180

As a service to the community, St. Peter’s employs a Geratric Nurse Practitioner (GNP) who works with patients in a nursing home, assisted living and on special occasions an in home setting.  Geriatric Nurse Practitioners specialize in caring for the aging and elderly, with specific training on the medical, social, pharmacological and mental health aspects of caring for older patients.

The goal of the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner is to provide service to the elderly population within our community to help reduce the inconvenience of having to see their primary care physician on certain occasions, which may be hard for those with physical limitations.  In certain situations, patients can avoid hospital admissions and readmissions by seeing the GNP.

St. Peter’s GNP is available to patients at all of the assisted livings and nursing homes in Helena.  The patient must have established primary care physicians within St. Peter’s Medical Group.  The patient is billed through Medicare or their insurance companies so there is absolutely no out of pocket expense to the patient.  In accordance with Montana law, St. Peter’s GNP is able to prescribe, treat, diagnose and care for any adult with a chronic illness.




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