Patient Advocacy Program

Phone: (406) 447-2566

The St. Peter’s Clinical Patient Advocacy Program ensures that patient and family concerns are heard and addressed appropriately and immediately. The team investigates and follows up with hospital staff to facilitate the resolution of issues for the purpose of maximizing patient satisfaction. This two-way communication demonstrates the commitment of St. Peter’s to its patients.

The Patient Advocacy Team understands health care and its best practices, and strives to help make sure patients understand what treatment they are receiving and why. The team rounds with patients to ensure they are having a good stay. If there are issues, they endeavor to resolve them immediately. If an issue cannot be immediately resolved, the team investigates it and contacts the patient later with the findings.

At a patient’s request the Patient Advocacy Team will become involved in improving communication, assessing information, addressing concerns and resolving difficulties such as scheduling problems or wait-time issues. The team can also respond to patient rights questions, assist with billing problems related to care, and physician and treatment-related issues.

The Patient Advocacy Team will gladly assist if you are experiencing difficulty during your hospital stay or visit or if you have questions or concerns about any aspect of care or service. St. Peter’s realizes hospitalization and illness can be very stressful and disruptive for the patient and family. Bringing requests, concerns, or complaints to the Patient Advocacy Team is not viewed as complaining or making waves. It is viewed as appropriately using a resource that is in place.

The ultimate goal of the Patient Advocacy Team is for better communication between the patient and hospital so each patient is confident that he or she is receiving good care.

Contact the Patient Advocacy Team when you do not know whom to ask for help or if your request for assistance has been refused by others. Confidentiality is highly respected and maintained; the focus is on the best interest of the patient.

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