Women's Health Institute

Phone: (406) 495-6780

St. Peter’s Women’s Health Institute (WHI) is a collaborative organization comprised of St. Peter’s Hospital and aligned members of its medical staff, dedicated to developing and promoting coordinated, multi–disciplinary clinical programs tied to important women’s health issues.

The WHI provides educational resources for community members and physicians, focused on relevant women’s health issues, along with program planning and administrative staff that supports WHI–sponsored clinical programs and educational events. Sponsored programs may be housed in specific clinical areas (e.g. Breast Health in Radiology), or may be based directly in the WHI Resource Center.

The first two inaugural programs sponsored by the WHI are a Breast Health Program and Pelvic Relaxation/Incontinence Program. An integral part of the breast program is the implementation of a Patient Navigator, who meets with a patient upon receiving a positive finding requiring biopsy and helps that patient access and chart a course through the healthcare system and overcome any barriers to quality care.

The Pelvic Relaxation/Incontinence (PRI) Program offers women options, both surgical and non–surgical, for treatment. PRI is an educational as well as a referral resource for women suffering from incontinence and prolapse.

The WHI was born out of a commitment to partner with and provide women information and access to the highest quality of care.

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Breast Center
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Importance of Mammograms
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