Women's Health

Women experiencing unique physical issues can empower themselves with the knowledge and ability to take control of their health for a better life.

The latest in treatments for incontinence, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and pelvic pain, as well as prenatal and postnatal care, are offered at the St. Peter's Hospital outpatient physical therapy clinic.

Evaluation and treatment is done in the privacy of a separate exam room. Treatment goals are specifically aligned to meet individual needs.

A common condition treated since beginning the program is incontinence. Incontinence is a normal part of aging, pregnancy, or after delivery. It can be experienced when working out, lifting, sneezing, or laughing. Eighty percent of women experiencing these symptoms can cure or significantly improve through regular, targeted exercises.

The therapists work with their patients to teach pelvic floor exercises, together with weight–bearing exercises for improving the health and strength of the pelvic floor. This not only prevents incontinence but also relieves back, muscle, and tissue pain. Biofeedback is also used to re–train muscles in some cases.

The majority of incontinence patients begin to notice changes after two treatments, and most complete their treatment plan in four to five sessions. Although most of the therapists' patients in this program are women, they also assist men with particular health issues.

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