Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work to maximize the patient's ability to conduct daily activities. Whether challenges are due to a stroke, a job–related injury, hand surgery, age–related disorder, or developmental delays, an Occupational Therapist can evaluate and develop a treatment plan to meet each individual's needs.

Who may benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Adults and children who need:

  • adaptations and compensatory training for daily tasks
  • sensory integration
  • pediatric developmental training
  • arthritis management
  • hand and upper extremity rehabilitation and splinting
  • stroke, brain injury, neurological rehabilitation
  • psychosocial and life skills retraining
  • handwriting and fine motor skills retraining
  • functional cognitive retraining
  • self–care retraining
  • work site evaluations
  • wheelchair fitting
  • driving evaluations
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