End of Life Care

Contact Information:
Chaplain: (406) 447-2409
Hospice of St. Peter’s: (406) 444-2244

Care for persons with life-threatening illness

St. Peter’s Hospital is dedicated to preserving and enhancing, when possible, the quality of life for its patients and families. The dignity and respect of patients and their loved ones are of vital concern. With that in mind, we are committed to creating an environment that maximizes the optimal level of emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing at every stage of life.

In situations where patients are confronting serious and life–threatening illnesses, a member of the inpatient, outpatient, or palliative care teams is available to meet with them and their loved ones to sort out their needs and issues and ensure they are connected to programs and services that best meet their needs.

Why choose St. Peter’s?

A multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual care providers, pharmacists, physical therapists, and nutritional specialists provide compassionate medical care. Skilled clinicians are committed to working with patients to relieve pain and suffering and to promote empowerment. 

The Transitions and Life Choices (TLC) palliative care team can assist with discussion of advance care planning and can provide experienced listening presence during medical decision–making discussions and planning for dignity and comfort near life’s end.

St. Peter’s has an experienced Hospice team for care in the home, skilled nursing facility, or the hospital if needed.  Hospice nurses and social workers consult with patients and families so that all the Hospice benefits can be explained before decisions are made about any plans of treatment.

Because of the generous support from St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation, any patient in need of Hospice services will receive all necessary care and support, regardless of reimbursement sources. Hospice also provides bereavement follow–up and grief support groups throughout the year.

Patients nearing the end of their life may experience fear, isolation, and anxiety. St. Peter’s skilled teams can provide assistance with any concerns associated with symptoms or treatment plans and provide resources, support, and listening.

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