Mission: Lifeline Award

St. Peter’s Hospital has earned the STEMI Silver Plus Receiving Award from the American Heart Association.  This award recognizes our premier training and procedures in rapid heart attack treatment.

ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) is a very serious type of heart attack during which one of the heart’s major arteries (one of the arteries that supplies oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the heart muscle) is blocked. 

This attack, sometimes referred to as a “massive heart attack”, is a profoundly life-threatening medical emergency and usually associated with a disease process called atherosclerosis (coronary artery disease). 

There is a direct relationship between the amount of time a heart artery is blocked and the severity of the heart attack and odds of survival. Cardiologists have a mantra that “time is muscle” to express the importance of early treatment.

One of the quality measures for STEMI care is the “first-contact-to-balloon ” time or the amount of time it takes to successfully re-open the occluded artery. The goal is to have the procedure completed within 90 minutes of EMS arriving at the patient’s side. 

St. Peter's Hospital has implemented the American Heart Association's best practices for acute STEMI care which has resulted in improved outcomes for our patients experiencing this life-threatening emergency.

This is one more way St. Peter’s Hospital continues to provide the highest quality medical care to our community.

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