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Lifeline is a personal help response system that allows seniors and individuals with disabilities to enjoy a more independent lifestyle. With help at the push of a button, it brings peace of mind to those with Lifeline and their families.

How It Works

When the Personal Help Button is pushed the Lifeline Communicator sends a “Help” signal to the Monitoring Center. Once the signal is received, a trained professional will determine the nature of the call and send the appropriate help, whether it is a neighbor, a family member, or the ambulance. Even if you can’t answer, Lifeline will get you help.

Our Service

When a Lifeline unit is ordered, Apex of St. Peter’s strives to install the unit as soon as convenient for the customer. An installer must come to the premises to install and test the unit.  

What It Costs

The monthly fee is $40, and there is a one time $30 installation fee. There are no hidden charges. At a little more than a dollar a day, Lifeline is an affordable service with priceless piece of mind.

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