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Dani Younker
Wellness Coordinator
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Why should my Business have a Wellness Screening?
Healthy employees are happy employees. According to the Center for Prevention and Health Services, an estimated 25–30% of companies’ medical costs per year are being spent on employees with excessive health risks. 

Companies that have programs to help employees stop smoking and promote health screens have 28% decrease in sick leave, a 26% reduction in health care costs, and a 30% reduction in workers compensation and disability costs.

The short term investment in employee health can help your company save thousands in healthcare costs.

What Tests are done in a Wellness screening?

  • comprehensive on-line wellness assessment with 75 questions
  • lipid profile (which is comprised of your HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides)
  • height and weight - waist to hip measurements
  • grip strength
  • flexibility
  • hearing testing
  • blood pressure

What will my Employees Receive?
Upon completion, a 20–page report is provided to each individual with their overall health and fitness scores, as well as information that will assist them in improving their overall health.  

What will my Company Receive?
Scores are compiled on all individuals screened, and a Corporate Report is provided to the appointed company representative. The organization representative and a member of the Wellness staff will then review the top 3 categories of where improvements can be made.

Our staff consists of registered dieticians, fitness instructors, skin specialists, psychotherapists, and chefs,among others. These specialists can then provide lectures and classes based on participation. Lectures and classes will be provided that assist in improving the overall health and fitness of your employees.

So How much will this Cost my Company?
The cost associated with the screening is $45.00 per person. The Wellness staff comes to your place of business to provide the screening portion. The screening takes approximately seven minutes to complete.

In addition, the following services can be offered to your employees at an additional cost:

Bio-impedance Analysis (Body Fat Composition)
This gives BMR (basic metabolic rate), helps determine weight loss goals, and is more accurate than BMI, because it takes height, weight, age, bone structure, and gender into consideration.
Cost: $10

Bone Density Screening
Recommended for age 65+. Immediate results for a five–minute test! Uses ultrasound on the heel to measure bone density for the detection of osteoporosis. 
Cost: $40

Colon Screening (Blood Occult Stool)
Recommended yearly for men and women over 40 (earlier if there is a family history).
Cost: $5

Complete Blood Count (CBC)
A CBC can help your doctor diagnose conditions like anemia, infection, and other disorders.
Cost: $20

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
This can determine the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood, electrolyte and fluid balance, kidney function and liver function. 
Cost: $25

Hemoglobin A-1C
Tests for diabetes and provides an average of your blood sugar control over six to 12 weeks.
Cost: $25
Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Screening
Recommended for patients 65+, or for patients who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a family history of heart attack or stroke, or patients that are overweight or inactive/bedridden.  
Cost: $15
Prostate Screening
Recommended yearly for men over 50 (earlier if there is a family history). 
Cost: $20
Thyroid Screening
Recommended for individuals who present certain symptoms or have a family history.
Cost: $20    

Skin Education Session
Cost: $15

Flu Vaccinations
Only Available October–January
Cost: $25                  

Who sees the Results?
Your results are private and confidential. They are given to the participant for their own knowledge and betterment of their health. The health of your employees is their business, and we here at St. Peter's Wellness team believe in protecting the anonymity of each individual.

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