Slim Down

Slim Down

Sometimes shedding a few pounds can be an aggravating experience. Weight loss often feels time consuming and invasive when inserted into your daily life.

We here at St. Peter’s Wellness team understand that losing weight can be tricky and hard to go it alone. That’s why we are here with community education classes designed to help increase your activity and improve your eating habits.

Below are some tips to help you get in shape and feel great:

Simple Tips to Slimmer Waists
(by Top Health)

Everyone knows that eating right and exercising are the keys to weight control.  But not everyone knows these tips to make your efforts pay off fast.

Eat breakfast. Regular meals and occasional low cal snacks help prevent the “famine–then–feast” syndrome. Fill up first thing with high-fiber cereal, whole-grain bread, or fresh fruit.

Bite into a pickle or lemon. Advantages? Neither has any calories, and the sour taste will curb your appetite. Don’t have either? Try brushing your teeth.

Post a list of small projects on the refrigerator. Then, whenever you’re bored and tempted to snack, tackle an item from your list. Result? It will help you ride out crave attacks.

Serve yourself half the amount you usually eat if you tend to eat whatever is in front of you. Make less food look like more by using smaller plates.

Exercise in the morning. Why? After fasting overnight, two-thirds of the calories burned come from stored fat, which contains more calories than carbohydrates, the main energy source in afternoon workouts.

Keep calories burning with aerobic exercise like biking, swimming, or rowing. A single session burns calories during the workout and for several hours afterward.

Take your time.  It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal that you’re full. So gulping food quickly may lead to overeating. Strategies: Set your silverware down between bites.  Chew slowly. Savor each flavor and texture. And play soft soothing background music, which tends to slow the meal.

We offer a variety of community education courses for those serious about obtaining a healthy weight.

For more information, contact St. Peter's Wellness Center at (406) 444-2128.

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