Community Events

Grief Guidance

Sep 13, 2017
6:30PM - 8:00PM
St. Peter's Hospital Education Center

Only a few things are certain in life, and one of them is that we will lose someone we love. Although this is something that can be expected, many of us are blindsided when death affects our lives. When someone we know loses a spouse, child, relative, friend or neighbor, we often don't know how to respond. St. Peter's Hospital along with St. Peter's Hospice presents, Grief Guidance, a look into grieving and helpful suggestions for supporting those during a difficult time.

If you know someone who is experiencing bereavement of a loved one, this lecture will provide you with helpful insights on how to support and encourage them during that time.

St. Peter's Chaplain, Kimberly Pepper and St. Peter's Hospice Medical Social Worker, Melanie Trost bring their expertise and share helpful insights on:

  • Common reactions to grief
  • Grieving Styles
  • Coping strategies and resilience
  • Suggestions for supporting grieving persons
  • Available community resources

Please join us for this empowering presentation.

With questions or assistance registering, please call 444-2130.


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