Arthritis Pool and Exercise Classes

Arthritis Exercise Program
A community-based, recreational group exercise and education program designed specifically for people with arthritis and related diseases. The program’s multiple components help reduce pain and stiffness, and help maintain or improve mobility, muscle strength and functional ability. Each class includes a variety of exercises that can be performed while sitting, standing or lying on the floor; endurance building routines; relationship exercises; and health education topics. Individuals from basic to advanced capabilities will benefit from the program.
Classes are conducted by trained and certified instructors in partnership with the local Arthritis Foundation chapter. Classes take place on Mondays from 12-1 pm in the Education Center. Registration is required prior to class; please call our Community Education Department at 444-2527. There is no cost for the exercise class.
This is an ongoing class. You may start at any time.

Arthritis Pool Class
The Aquatic class is for anyone with arthritis or joint pain that doesn’t go away. It uses gentle activities done in a warm water pool to help increase joint flexibility, muscle strength, and coordination. An amazing 98% of participants previously enrolled in the Aquatic Program experienced a decrease in their arthritis pain and stiffness.
Arthritis is the top cause of disability in the United States. Exercising in warm water helps participants see that they can take charge of their arthritis so it doesn’t get them down.
St. Peter's Hospital offers various class times; however, participation is based on availability and currently there is a wait list for all sessions:
  • Monday @ 9am
  • Tuesday through Friday @ 11:30 am
  • Tuesday and Thursday @ 2:00 pm
There is no cost for the class. All classes are 45 minutes long and held at Capital City Health Club; you do not need a gym membership.  A prescription from your Doctor is required.
This is an ongoing class.
To inquire about the wait list, or to learn more, please contact our Community Education Department at 444-2527.
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