Archived Presentations

Use the links below to view PDF files of Powerpoint presentations from recent events. If you do not see the presentation you are looking for, you may find older presentations by using the search feature and entering the title of the event you are looking for.

13-09-26: Breathe Easy3.53 MB
13-05-11: Train Your Brain491.76 KB
13-05-13: Bariatric Surgery3.82 MB
13-01-08: Eating Well: Portion Control379.37 KB
13-01-08: Eating Well: Do You Know What You're Drinking622.11 KB
12-11-06: Sinus Solutions725.93 KB
12-05-10: Menopause Answers419.03 KB
12-04-17: Move it to Lose it1.25 MB
11-11-15: Gluten Free – Fad or Medical Necessity?1.78 MB
11-10-18: STRESS Eating... Where are the Brownies?923.07 KB
11-11-01: Don't Fall for it624.27 KB
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