Community Benefit

Community Benefit Plan

St. Peter's Hospital regularly prepares a Community Benefit Plan to align with its strategic initiatives.The process used to identify and prioritize community health needs. It Includes the collection of data from

  • The Lewis and Clark County Health Profile
  • Helena Healthy Communities Health Report
  • School District Health Risk Assessment

Community focus group input and survey information is used to prioritize issues addressed in the Community Benefit Plan.

Once the data is collected, the plan is developed by St. Peter's Public Relations and Marketing Department, with the guidance of St. Peter's Community Relations Committee and an advisory group that aligns and evaluates the Plan's effectiveness. The Hospital's Board of Directors approves the Plan.

Identifies Community Health Needs

According to the County Health Department's Profile, issues prevalent in the community include

  • children living in poverty
  • no health insurance/access to medical care
  • suicide
  • severe motor vehicle crashes
  • groundwater aquifer contamination
  • access to dental care
  • lack of mental health services

Additionally, the Hospital conducted a comprehensive internal review of related current quaity programs and projects. Issues identified included

  • reducing Cesarean–section rates
  • increasing mammography for patients in high risk groups
  • promoting colon cancer screening
  • reducing medication errors

St. Peter's Community Benefit Goals

  • Promote St. Peter's role in providing community benefit/value.
  • Develop a strategic message to communicate community benefit/values.
  • Improve community health through support of the Nicotine Dependency Center and a realtionship with the schools.

Project Categories

Community Education and Outreach

St. Peter's Hospital has allocated staffing and a budget to continue sponsorship of community education classes, including

  • Obstetrical Education (prepared childbirth, teen childbirth, refresher childbirth, Boot Camp for New Dads)
  • Arthritis Pool Class
  • CPR
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Diabetes Education
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Positive Choices
  • Safe Sitter
  • Quit for Life
  • Safe Sitter
  • Mental Health
  • Speakers Bureau

St. Peter's contributes staff and materials to community health fairs and wellness activities, including

  • Better Living Lecture Series
  • Well Nourished Lecture Series
  • Diabetes Education Series
  • What Ails Males
  • For Women Only
  • Diabetes Dialouge
  • Fun Run
  • Back to School Health Fair
  • Heart of the Matter
  • Go Red for Women
  • Oh Baby
  • Senior Expo

The Hospital is committed to becoming involved in additional community events by participating in major events and coordinating wellness screenings. It also plans to coordinate participation at new events in conjunction with preventive health campaigns, e.g. the women's health event during the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As the community's hospital, St. Peter's continues to staff, provide supplies, and travel to its Well Now! Health Awareness and flu shots programs for the school district, state government, post offices, banks, small businesses, and other organizations.

In addition, the Hospital provides

  • Senior Education (blood pressure screenings, wellness news, medical claims)
  • Support Groups
  • Diabetes Education
  • Ambulance (stand–by events)
  • Pharmacy Assistance
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Charity Care

St. Peter's Hospital is commited to providing quality healthcare for all citizens of the community, regardless of ability to pay. Abillity to pay is based on Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, which takes into account family size, new assets, and overall financial position.

St. Peter's does not discriminate againts patients because of race, creed, color, or national origin or because a patient is covered by a program such as Medicaid or Medicare. It does not deny emergency services to persons who need them but cannot pay for them.

As a charitable not–for–profit instiution, St. Peter's also provides charity care; that is, provides services for which it receives no reimbursements. The unreimbursed dollar value of this care amounts to more than $2 million annually. This care is provided to those who have exhausted third–party resources, do not qualify for Medicaid, or have insufficient incomes.

Subsidized Health Services

  • Continued support of Emergency/Trauma Care
  • Ambulance
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Neonatal/Obstetrical/Newborn Care
  • Collaborative Efforts in Prevention
  • Hospice/Home Care
  • Other subsidized services

St. Peter's suports the Cooperative Health Center through financial and in–kind donations and reduced lab and imaging fees. It also assists the clinic with physician recruitment and retention.

Cash and In–Kind Donations

St. Peter's provides more than $50,000 in donations to community health, cultural, educational, and economic development needs.

Community Building Activities

The Hospital recruits additional physicials to the community and works to retain current physicians.

St. Peter's supports students and teachers by contributing computers to area schools and serves as the C.R. Anderson and Smith Schools business partner.

St. Peter's staff donates time, materials, and leadership to more than 30 community groups, including various schools, the Helena Area Chamber of Commerce, Gateway Economic Development, and the United Way.

Medical Education

The Hospital provides a minimum of 30 Continuing Medical Education credit courses for area practicing and retired physicians through the University of Washington Medical School. The contimuing education program continues to attract an average attendence of more than 60% of the Hospital's admitting physicians.

It offers ongong training opportunities for physicians, nurses, technicians, and other staff through outside education, plus the use of the Health Satellite Television Network.

It makes available comprehensive health information resources to consumers and patients through libraries and this website.

For More Information

For more information about St. Peter's Hospital's Community Benefit programs, please contact the Public Relations Department at (406) 444-2135.

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