The Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council

Purpose: The Community Advisory Council is a specialty sub-committee of the Quality Improvement Council to help support St. Peter’s Hospital’s mission, vision, and values.  The council serves as an important vehicle to bring together patients, family members and hospital staff in an ongoing effort to enhance the patient and family care experience- as well as providing unique perspective on the health care network in the Helena Community.

Membership: The Community Advisory Council is composed of 12 volunteer members and current St. Peter’s administrative staff.   The Council can include volunteers, directors of volunteer services, hospital managers and local association staff who have liaison relationships with local organizations.

Meetings: The 2016 council meets monthly at St. Peter’s Hospital.
2016 chair and members: 
Executive Sponsor: Fred Olson, M.D., Interim CEO     
Chair: Amy Emmert, Quality Manager 
CAC Volunteer Roster: Arlene Parisot, Jane Muller, Donna Barer, Kathy Boutilier, Diana Tavary,  Wayne Dillavou, Sue Hoell
Staff: Additional St. Peter’s staff is brought in an ad hoc format 

Frequently asked questions about the St. Peter’s Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Q. What is the Community Advisory Committee? 

A. The Community Advisory Council (CAC) is a group of individuals dedicated to improve the quality of care provided to our patients and families at St. Peter’s.  The CAC functions as an avenue for patient, family, and community engagement to directly impact the planning, delivery, and evaluation of care.  The goal of the patient and family engagement is to create an environment where patients, families, clinicians, and hospital staff all work together as partners to improve the quality and safety of care provided to the Helena Community. 

Q. Who comprises the CAC?

A. The CAC is comprised of a diverse patient group from past and present patients and family, along with St. Peter’s staff members It consist of 8 to12 volunteers from our Helena Community. 

Q. What types of issues does the CAC provide feedback on? 

A. The CAC brings a unique perspective and valuable feedback to: 

Identify the needs and concerns of our community, patients and family members. 

Provide feedback on current systems and processes in the hospital.

Generate new ideas to improve the standard of care.

Act as catalysts and advocates to integrate patient-centered care across the institution. 

Recently, the CAC provided input on health care quality, digital media campaigns, creating a culture of health, hospital policy transparency, quality measures, and how hospitals are engaging with our community.

Q. What is the time commitment? 

A. The committee holds meetings monthly for approximately 2 hours. Council members are committed to a minimum term limit of 1 year. The Council meets the 4th Thursday of every month. 

Q. Are there dues or fees involved? 

A. No. There are no fees associated with being a CAC volunteer.

Q. How are CAC members selected? 

A. Typically volunteers are determined as a result of the recommendations of the council, St. Peter’s staff, or interest from community members. New members are selected upon an interview process with current council members. To be considered contact Amy Emmert at St. Peter’s hospital at

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